How to cremate dead animals and birds after floodwater has receded

How to cremate dead animals and birds after floodwater has receded

  1. Cremate dead animals and birds as soon as they have been discovered

  2. The dead animal or bird’s body has to be identified immediately with the help of a recognised veterinary officer (ear tags or other signs to identify them can be used or take a photo of the deceased animal/bird immediately)

  3. Ear tags need to be secured safely in order to claim any compensation. Respective animal husbandry officials or other related officials need to be informed immediately.

  4. Those handling he dead bodies must be very cautious. They should use ropes, wear masks, gloves and gumboots.

  5. It is advisable not to use the discovered dead bodies of animals and birds after floods for internal lab experiments.

  6. One can adopt various ways to cremate the dead bodies. In the given circumstances the best procedure is to bury them. However, one has to take care he place chosen to bury the dead bodies are not in close proximity to wells with potable water, other drinking water sources and should be at a distance of more than 50 metres from them. The pits that are dug should be of minimum length and width and should be at least 6 feet deep and should be at least 4 feet above the land’s water table. One has to be extra careful if water is seeping through pores in the earth around the pit. Once the pit has been dug the insides of the pit has to be covered with lime. Place the dead body inside the pit carefully. Now sprinkle sodium hydrochloride/caustic soda all over the dead body. Now pour the rest of the lime over it. Thus create two layers of lime and earth/mud on top and cover the pit completely. It is advisable to use the earth/mud on which the dead body of the animal/bird was found. Create a two-feet high mound of earth/mud on top of the pit after covering it. Also ensure that the mound is kept clear of any contact with wild animals, dogs, birds etc…

  7. One can also adopt the above method to carry out a collective cremation of several such dead bodies of animals or birds discovered after floods.

  8. Considering the logistical difficulties in carrying the dead bodies to distant places for burial it is advisable that they are buried somewhere near where they have been found.

  9. After having all of the above the concerned parties are advised to clean their hands and legs and other body parts that have been in direct contact with the dead bodies of animals and birds with soda and disinfectants like Dettol and water.

  10. Now you can return home. It is safe and sound!

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